Nurturing Students'
Passion to PERFORM


High School

High school students have the opportunity to perform in the high school musical and play, advanced theater showcase and winter and spring cabaret shows.

Elementary and Middle School

Beginning in 3rd grade, we work to develop the skills of each individual theater student in a variety of ways. Elementary and middle school students perform in class recitals and school plays with other students of the same age.


FWAFA students have received numerous awards and much recognition in the community, including nominations or final awards in the Betty Lynn Buckley Awards in all eligible categories. In 2009, FWAFA received the Educational Theatre Association’s Outstanding School Award.
The FWAFA theater department operates both Senior and Junior International Thespian Society Troupes – and belongs to Texas Thespians and Texas Education Theatre Association.

Ready to Audition?

At FWAFA, we strive to make our application and audition process a positive experience for prospective students and parents by providing plenty of information up front to help you prepare and know what to expect.

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