Nurturing Students'
Passion to SING


Elementary School Choir

Elementary choir students rehearse daily or every other day with Kodaly Method instruction to develop the students’ voices. The curriculum is aligned with TEKS standards, yet the experience that students get from opportunities to perform in the community goes above and beyond the typical school setting. Students are exposed to a wide variety of choral repertoire and performance settings.

Children's Choir of Texas

Created as an ensemble for younger singers who wish to have more performance opportunities, the Children’s Choir of Texas takes the stage for events ranging from annual holiday concerts to music festivals to the Fort Worth Opera Children’s Chorus.

Singing Girls of Texas

For girls who wish to join the Singing Girls of Texas, training begins in 7th grade. These students sing with the Resident Training Choir to begin developing vocal skills – and get introduced to a wide variety of choral music.
Once students enter high school, they may audition for the Chamber Choir or Tour Choir, both of which provide further opportunities to learn and perform. The Chamber Choir is an attractive option for students who wish to continue their choir training, but are also interested in other artistic disciplines. The Tour Choir is an advanced performance-based ensemble that gives high-quality concerts in regional, national, and international tours.

Texas boys Choir

For boys who wish to pursue choir, the Texas Boys Choir offers the widest range of age and skill levels. Students must audition to join one of the choirs, ranging from the younger Training, Cadet and Town Choirs, to the Cambiata and Tour Choirs for boys with more singing experience. Boys at all choir levels learn ear training through solfege; study music theory; learn to sing in several languages; and are exposed to music from many genres and cultures. TBC’s Tour Choir is a professional-level SATB boy's choir that strives to make music at the highest artistic level. Advanced singers from 5th to 12th grade who are selected for the tour choir perform frequent concerts, travel nationally and internationally on tour, and record choral material several times each year.

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At FWAFA, we strive to make our application and audition process a positive experience for prospective students and parents by providing plenty of information up front to help you prepare and know what to expect.

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