Nurturing Students'
Passion to DANCE


Elementary School

Beginning in elementary school, students participate in dance class every other day, focusing on ballet and jazz techniques. Our elementary dance curriculum also gives students the opportunity to learn dance vocabulary, practice choreography and improvisation techniques, and learn cultural dances from around the world. These young dancers perform twice a year in dance concerts.

Middle and High School

Dancers are placed in technique class with students of similar skill and experience levels. Middle school and high school dance curriculum focuses on ballet, jazz, and modern techniques, while further developing skills learned in earlier classes. In addition to these concert dance techniques, middle school and high school dance classes feature units in choreography and composition, dance wellness, dance theory and history, and, of course, performance techniques that are developed through twice yearly dance concerts.

High school dance students also have the option of taking the following dance electives offered every other year: Dance Theory and Dance Composition. Though high school dance technique classes feature some exposure to these subjects, these electives offer students the opportunity to delve deeper and gain a broader range of experiences in the areas of dance creation and dance history and research.

Dance Companies

In addition to the dance courses offered, there are three auditioned student dance companies at FWAFA that afford advanced students extra performance opportunities.

Junior Dance Company and Company II meet after school on a weekly basis to rehearse, and both companies perform in the annual Dance Company Concert as well as the full-length ballet.

Academy Dance Company (ADC) is the most advanced company at FWAFA. Student members of ADC take High School Advanced Dance, immediately followed by a second full class period for ADC rehearsals. These dancers have the opportunity to travel and perform frequently as representatives of the dance department at FWAFA.

Ready to Audition?

At FWAFA, we strive to make our application and audition process a positive experience for prospective students and parents by providing plenty of information up front to help you prepare and know what to expect.

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