Empowering Students'

The Arts at FWAFA
Come here to


Come here to DANCE

Students are encouraged to work diligently to improve their craft – while being inspired to follow their dance dreams.


Come here to SING

The long tradition of choral excellence handed down from Texas Boys Choir continues at FWAFA.


Come here to PERFORM

To an aspiring actor, all the world is a stage. And there is no better school venue for young thespians in our community to study their craft than with us.

Come here to CREATE

With an emphasis on open-minded and joyful artistry, our students experience the freedom that allows their talents to blossom in college and beyond.

Challenging Programs

Training is given in five arts disciplines: choral and orchestral music, dance, theater and the visual arts. Elementary school students at Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts study four of these areas, and in middle school, students choose two fine arts areas. FWAFA students are involved in a minimum of two hours of fine arts coursework each day. By high school each student is expected to specialize in one artistic discipline.

Significant Opportunities

Students are provided an abundance of occasions and venues to perform or exhibit their work to the public. FWAFA gives more than 100 performances annually, including the prestigious Subscription Series, which is marketed to the general public. And while the musicians, dancers, and actors get to play on stage, the visual artists frequently exhibit their work both inside and outside the school.