spotlight OM.fw
October 26, 2018


An understated guy, Omar Mendez is the calm, quiet man you’ll find walking the halls and supervising lunches who, if given a chance, will surprise you with an off-the cuff remark or joke, usually at his own expense. We recently caught up with the new Associate Principal to ask him a few personal questions and get to know him better.

(Okay, the truth is, he was enormously resistant to talking about himself and dodged us for a couple of weeks, so we cornered him in his office one day, blocked the door, and forced him to answer. We feel no shame in the matter.)

Here are the highlights of our conversation.


Tell us about your background. Where were you before you came to FWAFA?

I was the Associate Principal at Waxahachie High School for the last 5 years.


What do you bring to the FWAFA table?

Dedication to getting everything done. Making sure everything gets done. Consistency.


Describe yourself in three words:

Reader, I’m not going to lie. This part took forever. His initial response was to make a joke. He chose three self-deprecating words, and then tried to answer sincerely.

 Um…Humble?…Hmm…I can’t think of anything else.

At this point, school counselor Heather Brister entered the room and Mr. Mendez asked her to describe him in three words. She said, “Compassionate, intelligent, and funny.” He disagreed with all three of her words, but couldn’t produce any more himself. Perhaps “humble” really does sum it up?


What’s the thing you’re most looking forward to this school year?

The performances. I haven’t been to one yet, but I’m looking forward to that.


How do you unwind after a stressful day at school?

I eat pizza. And drink Coke. Oh, and chocolate. Pizza, Coke, and chocolate.


What is something you think we’d be surprised to learn about you?

Both of my kids are adopted.

We then entered the intentionally random, silly segment of our conversation. (After all, life is more than platitudes and background information.)


Oreos – should they be dunked, twisted, or eaten some other way?

Swallowed whole.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

San Luis Potosi, Mexico


In the zombie apocalypse, how long would you survive and what skills would you bring to the fight?

Fire. I know how to start a fire without a lighter or a match.


And could you do that quickly, like if the zombies were approaching you?

Oh yeah, I can do it fast.


Lucky Duck! You just won a hot pink Mini Cooper. Where’s the first place you’ll drive your new car?

Nowhere. I’ll take a picture of it and put it on craigslist.


May Day! You’re suddenly responsible for landing an airline full of people. The flight attendant handsyou the intercom so you can address the passengers. What do you say?

I hope you enjoyed your last meal.

And I hope YOU enjoyed getting to know a little about the man behind the stoic expression. Mr. Mendez doesn’t want a spotlight and he doesn’t say much, but he’s not what you might expect; he’s more. Next time you see him, corner him and block his exit and maybe you’ll get a chance to learn even more about our new AP.