March 1, 2019

In her book Blood Drive, author Jeanne C. Stein said, “Life may not be the party we hoped for... but while we're here we may as well dance.”

Dance teacher Krista Langford understands that sentiment. While teaching a unit on dance in popular culture, she and her 8th period high school Intermediate Dance Class came up with the idea to do a flash mob.

The dance came as a surprise to students and teachers after Wednesday’s morning assembly. Gathered by Principal Renner’s ruse of being reprimanded for dress code violations, students and teachers braced themselves for a lecture. Just as she started her rant, the speakers played “I’ll Be There for You” by the Remingtons and a student ran across the stage, grabbing Renner’s microphone and kicking off the dance. As more students joined in, everyone relaxed, realizing they weren’t in trouble after all.

Once the mob was in full swing, the dancers passed out to other students little cards decorated with positive sayings on them so that the event could have a more direct impact on someone’s day. The students chose the concept and the song, choreographed and staged the dance, and added the extra element of the affirmations.

Langford wrote, “Their goal in performing the flash mob was to cultivate community amongst their own class and within the middle and high school, and to promote kindness and support for each other here at school...

“The best part of this is that this is my class that features dancers of lots of different experiences in it: from bunheads to musical theater kids to students that love to take dance class so they get to move during the school day. They worked together from concept (community, kindness, positivity, joy) to performance and I'm really proud of them and their collaboration.”