October 12, 2018


Jamie Walterscheid is a reader. I suppose that helps when one is also an English teacher. Although it’s her first year as a full time teacher at FWAFA, she subbed here for nearly two years and has been teaching English for more than 20. And, like most bibliophiles, she loves libraries.

Earlier this year, former FWAFA English teacher Christianne Wojcik started collecting books for a little campus library. Housed in a bookcase armoire donated by the Kaplan family, the books live in an unassuming corner of the third floor. There, they wait for students or faculty to choose them for their next literary adventure.

Modeled after the little book boxes found around town, this library operates entirely on the honor system. Anyone can borrow a book. Anyone can leave a book. There are a few rules to ensure fair play and to make sure the library remains stocked, but otherwise, it’s a community bookshelf.

After Wojcik’s departure, Walterscheid picked up the library mantle. It’s important to her that books be available to the students so that they can develop a love of reading. But since it’s so new, she’s not sure how many people are aware that the library even exists. Walterscheid said she’s noticed that some books have already moved out and she hopes that as word spreads, more people will choose both to borrow and to donate.

From classics to modern fiction, the FWAFA library has a little something for everyone. But it needs more. A fan of author Neil Gaiman, Walterscheid says the library needs at least one of his books. It currently has none. (She highly recommends American Gods.)

So, if you have books you’d like to donate, please bring them! And even if you don’t have anything to put into circulation, be sure you encourage your students to stop by and check out what’s currently on the shelves of FWAFA’s little library. Who knows? They may make a discovery that changes their world!