spotlight SA fw
September 21, 2018

Congratulations to campus Nurse Susan Atkinson her acceptance of the Bayard H. Friedman Hero Award!


The Bayard H. Friedman Hero Award was established in honor of the late Bayard H. Friedman, former mayor of Fort Worth, to recognize outstanding North Texas school employees and is awarded through the Score a Goal in the Classroom School Incentive Program organization. Each year, the organization awards several Heroes from various categories of school employment, including nursing. On September 21, 2018, our very own Nurse Susan Atkins was presented with this honor at our morning assembly. The crowd went wild celebrating with our beloved nurse.

Nurse Atkins has been bandaging wounds and treating sick kids at FWAFA since 2016. A former touring country music singer, her nursing career started late in life. In 2004, she moved to the DFW area and began working as a nurse’s assistant at Bowie High School in Arlington. The work she did there changed her life.

Teaching her everything she knows about dealing with student health issues, Nurse Atkins credits the mentorship of the two Bowie nurses for inspiring in her a deep love of school nursing. While still working full time, Atkins decided to follow her new passion and enrolled in night school to get her college degree which she diligently pursued over the next nine years. Finally, she graduated and applied to nursing school in 2014. Upon her graduation two years later, she discovered a job posting for the nurse position at FWAFA and applied. She quickly became an integral part of the FWAFA family.

Loved by students and teachers alike, Nurse Atkins is one of the best parts of this family and we are so happy that she was chosen to receive this award. She truly is a hero!