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Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association

Our mission is to instill a lifelong passion for the arts by celebrating alumni achievements, and to promote school pride and the excellence of Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts.

FWAFA_Alumni_Logo.pngWelcome, Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts alumni. FWAFA was founded in 2001 with a mission to inspire in artistically talented students a lifelong passion for learning, empowering them to achieve academic and artistic excellence, and has been graduating talented artists ever since.

We are now gathering FWAFA alumni information to connect our students to one another and the organization in anticipation of the 15th anniversary of our charter school. If you would like to be counted as a FWAFA alumni, please fill out the informational form at the link below.

Do you have a FWAFA testimonial or photos to share? We are currently assembling stories and memorabilia for our 15th anniversary. Email

Click here to see video testimonials from some of our Outstanding Alumni.

Thank you and we look forward to sharing FWAFA Alumni Association news and information with you soon!

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