Connect with our talented team

As with any troupe, it takes dedicated individuals and a cohesive cast effort to ensure stellar performances year after year. At FWAFA, we are proud to have the best of the best in our faculty and staff cast! Please feel free to reach out to anyone on our talented team.

Administration & Office Staff

Clint Riley
President & CEO 817-766-2390 ext. 171
Randy Dean
Elementary/Middle School Principal 817-924-1482 ext. 134
Stephen Madrid
Fine Arts Director 817-924-1482
Penny Clay
Executive Assistant & Board Liaison 817-766-2390 ext. 171
Jana Tennyson
PEIMS Coordinator/Office Manager 817-924-1482 ext. 105
Donna Simmons
School Secretary 817-924-1482
Lisa Loftin
School Secretary 817-924-1482

Craig Shreckengast
High School Principal 817-924-1482 ext. 107
Gail Hartsfield
Academics Director 817-924-1482
Dezra Loving
Elementary Counselor & Testing Coordinator 817-924-1482 ext. 173
Kede Van Dyck
Middle/High School Counselor, Schedule & Transcripts 817-924-1482 ext. 108
Susan Atkins
Nurse 817-924-1482 ext. 111
Janelle Grau
Finance Director 817-766-2390 ext. 104
Jocelyn Greenman
Payables Clerk 817-766-2390 ext. 160

External Affairs

Pamela King Acker
Chief Development Officer 817-766-2390 ext. 172
Cindy Salter
Annual Fund & Events Manager 817-766-2390 ext. 161
Rhonda Layton
External Affairs Associate 817-766-2390 ext. 113
Robert Hosier
Communications Director 817-766-2390 ext. 103
Lisa Earl
Tour Manager 817-766-2390 ext. 110
Darla Jones
Community Liaison 817-766-2390 ext. 175

Faculty and Staff

Susan Alexandre
4th Grade English/Language Arts
Greg Aytes
Special Ed/Math
Jason Bishop
Artistic Director, Texas Boys Choir
Emily Brown
5th Grade Science
Karen Chevalier
Kris Cramer
5th Grade English/Language Arts & Social Studies
Darlene Cryer
6th Grade English/Language Arts
Tricia Cull
P.E. & Health
Sharon Davis
6th Grade Science/Social Studies
Patricia Dickson
6th Grade Math
Sheyna Ferraro
James Hammond
Jackson Hill
Elementary Music & Director, Children's Choir of Texas
Darla Jones
Nancy Kirby
Technology Applications
Krista Langford
Dance 817-924-1482 ext. 122
Ellie Lin
Interim Artistic Director, Texas Boys Choir
Laura Lee McCartney
Elementary Art
Karen Mueller
Social Studies
Ian Owens
Tech Director
Kevin Polman
Glenn Scalf
Facilities Specialist
Karen Smith
Spanish, Speech, & Creative Writing
Shelly Torres
Stephanie Turner
Pam Ward
5th Grade Math
Ryan Wiggins
3rd Grade Science/Social Studies
Keith Applewhite
Evan Baierlipp
Susan Brents-Sheldon
Jan Carden
3rd Grade English/Language Arts
Leslie Cook
Jeanne Cretsinger
Special Education & ADA/504 Coordinator 817-924-1482 ext. 139
Cory Curvin
Choir & Musical Theater 817-924-1482
Lindy Davis
Cheryl DeMeyere
Child Nutrition Assistant
Catherine Doyle
Production & Operations Manager, Texas Boys Choir
Anna Gutierrez
Child Nutrition Assistant
Debbi Herrera
4th Grade Science/Social Studies
Victor Johnson
Director, Singing Girls of Texas & Academy Choirs
Scott Jones
Social Studies
Reagan Kruse
Jayne Lawrence
Justin Marshall
C. Nicholas Morris
David O'con
4th Grade Math
Heather Pfitzner
Child Nutrition Manager
Rian Potysman
Lisa M. Smith
Special Education
Anthony Turner
Teresa Valderas
Shelly Vierkant
3rd Grade Math
Christianne Wojcik
Roy Zamora
Social Studies